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12 July
About me:

Quiet if I don't know you, a chatter box if I do. Being able to express my self creatively is very important to me. I would love to see Italy some day, my dreams and aspirations are simple, I want to live my life as I see it. You only have one life on this earth and there's no use living in the past or looking to far ahead. Life is happening now. I am a roller coaster of emotions, completely flawed, you either like me or you don't and It doesn't really phase me either way. I can be stubborn to a fault. Religion well that's a touchy subject for most of my family and friends. I don't believe that there is only "god" or that Christian beliefs are the only beliefs, this world is filled with a multitude of diverse cultures and beliefs, you can't just say its one thing. My views personally, if you believe in something then it can't be wrong. I was married, now divorced, no kids, no regrets.

Favorite Quote:

I want to touch on all the sides of love- the hope and gladness as well as the anxiety and ache. The biggest thing about love that I have discovered is that love isn't just one way- there isn't just a point of perfection that makes it "all okay and great from now on."
- Sabrina Ward Harrison

A Little Bit of Everything
The Basics
Name:Veronica Hermis
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Where did you grow up?Fort Stockton
Where do you live now?Houston
In a Guy/Girl
Eye Color:blue
Hair Color:doesn..'t matter
Short or Long;i prefer long
Height:taller than me
Weight:doesn..'t really matter
Clothing Style:his Own, I hate trends
Favorite Body Feature(s):eyes, smile
Smoker:doesn..'t matter
Drinker:socially, but not everyday
Laid Back or Serious:a little bit of both
Sensative or Strong:emotionally strong but sensative
Best Quatity:we can talk about anything
Worst Quality:jealous
This or That
Sunrise or Sunset:sunset
Sweet or Sour:sour
Dolphin or Eagle:eagle
Old or New:old
Hot or Cold:hot
Creation or Evolution:evolution
Open or Closed:open
Train or Plane:train
Soft or Hard: soft
Red or Blue: blue
Fast or Slow: slow
Blind or Deaf: deaf
Fire or Water: water
Lightning or Thunder: thunder
Black or White: black
Ocean or Forest: forest
Dogs or Cats: cats
Day or Night: night
Left or Right: left
Cremation or Burial: cremation
Even or Odd: odd
Written or Spoken: written
Italy or France: Italy
Woman or Man: woman
Carpet or Hardwood Floor: hardwood
Earthquake or Hurricane: hurricane
City or Countryside: country
Vanilla or Chocolate: chocolate
Abstract or Figurative: abstract
Limited or Open Minded: open minded
House or Apartment: house
! or ?: ?
Pen or Pencil: pen
Alone or Together:together
Horizontal or Verticle: horizonal
Destiny or Choice: destiny
Horns, Winds, or Strings: winds
Land, Sea, or Sky:land
Coke, Pepsi or Dr. Pepper: Dr. Pepper
Sun or Rain or Snow: rain
25 Random Things About You
01-I love taking pictures with my camera.
02-I love my working in my journals.
03-I..'m constantly researching new ways to express my thoughts creatively.
04-My new favorite thing right now is Image Transferring.
05- Sometimes I have moods where nothing matters, and I don..'t care about anything.
06-I..'m a mess of mixed emotions.
07-Me, then and now are two complete opposites, I prefer now.
08- I don..'t think I could ever leave Texas
09- I would love to go back to my hometown and just forget about life for awhile.
10- I miss the desert skies at night
11-I hate that I can..'t see the stars at night where I live.
12-My best childhood memories are from when I was in High School.
13-I love Kim..'s Tea House.
14-I love Dumplings, my favorite place to get them is Auntie Chang..'s Dumpling House.
15-If I go out for Italian food it has to be Napoli on Westheimer.
16-I never thought I would try sushi.
17-I..'m addicted to Pho.
18- My Signs are Cancer (Western) and Horse (Chinese) and they are complete opposites.
19- I want to learn Runes.
20-I read Tarot cards.
21-I don't mind trying something new.
22-I..'m a people person.
24-I love being an Aunt.
25-My friends get me more than my family.
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