Event: Eternal Muse

Second Event from the Lovlies Tarik and Dementia as far as i'm concerned if they keep putting out these events I'll keep going. This is by far proving to be the best year in a long while.
DJ Enigma (CybeRot, HTX), Hex and About This Product
Spinning Goth / EBM / Industrial / Electro, darkwave. and post punk
Performance by Helena Hellfire
Performance by Tarik Rever
The art of Nyotaimori with dessert.
Vixen'nes Burlesque
Marry Bleeds

Ready for tonight

Event Eternal Muse.jpg
Event Flyer

I love the look of this Photo

Eternal Muse_Tarik.jpg
Promo Photo for event

Eternal Muse.jpg
Silly flyaways thats what happens when you're dancing.


First Event of the Year: Dementia

First Event of the year in, looking forward to many more from Tarik and Dimentia. Met a lot of lovely people, and I loved the Fashion Show.
Live Band Vanilla Sugar
Fashion show by Bonic Dementia and featuring designs by Tarik Rever.
Performance by Mistress Meana Rose
Performance by Tarik Rever
Vendors Area Darkness Hyde's Closet: MyFantasyProducts: (Bed Bondage Restraint System) Psycho Kitty Accessories: Ricky Ortiz: Zenful Kreationz
Painter Liquid Latex brought to you by Ricky Ortiz charge
Upstairs DJ Enigma (CybeRot, HTX)
DJ About This Product: and DJ Kangaroo Sexy
Spinning Goth / EBM / Industrial / Electro

I was lucky to be taken by this rather Dashing Gent


Random Quote

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
from one of my favorite poems, from one of my favorite poets
The Road not Taken - Robert Frost
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Random Post

I hate the way memories creep in and force you to think of people you've lost along the way for one reason or another. i sometimes find myself wondering what ever happened to those "lost" friends.
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My weekend at "The Castle"

I was invited by out by some new found friends, to go camping at what they simply called " The Castle" And imagine my surprise when I saw a castle looking structure in the middle of the woods. I have a feeling that I am going to have many great adventures with these two gents.
I couldn't even begin to tell where it is or even how to get there. But the fact that it is till being built is very intriguing to say the least. I was promised that this would not be my last visit to "The Castle".
It was an amazing weekend.

This wall was definitely my favorite part, I love this wall.

can you imagine my surprise when we drove up, they're making a Castle.

 our gear

can't wait to get on that thing

yes they brought the bows!!!


man left this behind, nature made a terrarium

New Beginnings for a New Year

Wow is has been a while since i have been here, time to dust this old thing off and start anew. I have all of my older postes there were too many old memories that i'd just soon forget. That being said I have decided to change a few things on how I live this life. I try not to look back and remonise too much in my past but I don't look too far ahead either. I prefer to live in the moment as it is happening. 2014 was not my best year, but I ended it the best way possible at Numbers surrounded by friends and music and dancing.  I am determined to make 2015 a year for new beginnings.